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Find out why our resources, vision, and value work to bring you the purest products from seed to shelf.

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The Artisan Process

Look at why our artisan process delivers a superior organic product.

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The Green Workspace

See what goes on in the world of hemp and in our green workspace.

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Since 2015

Why Artisan Hemp Oil

Instead of a focus on short grow cycles and dried weight as an artisan we focus on selection of plants for the healing properties, then organically grow them, naturally cure them, and finally cold press them by hand delivering the purest product and maximizing its original properties.

Artisan means tight control over your product which is why we start with the seed and follow the process through our recycled packaging. We call it seed to shelf.

To us being an artisan means there are no secrets, you know exactly what you are getting thru our transparent processing and our lab documented ingredient and potency.