Artisan Process

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Artisan Method

Selection of strain based on short planting cycles and harvest weight or what ever is available.

Strain Selection


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Select strains based on varied THC, CBD, cannabinoids and terpenes ratios. Less weight is put on short planting cycles and harvest weight

Many times organic methods are replaced with an emphasis on crop protection and final harvest weight

Organic Nurturing


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Use natural organic base products to feed and protect the plants as they grow in a environmentally friendly envoronment

Often skipped due to the labor intensive practice

Hand Training and foliar spray


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Maximize flowering, CBD, and terpene production by hand training plants and trimming, exposing maximum flowers to the maximum light.

Many time the harvest is immediately frozen and/or extracted leaving little time for terpenes and oils to mature and ripen.

Harvest and Curing

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Gently hand cut mature flowers and cure plants to maximize potency and the positive effects of cannabinoids and terpenes

Other extraction methods use solvents such as butane and propane. These methods quickly produce a product which is inferior to an alcohol wash. Solvent residue may be present and original terpine properties may be lost.

Alcohol Quick Wash


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Extract oils using alcohol quick wash method to retain its incredible original properties and purity.

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Artfully blend the different strains extract to maximize the final properties if needed.

Frequently minimal information is available and end product, and sometimes potency may be an issue.

Package Preparation



Optimize packaging to increase shelf life and be environmentally friendly. Provide a complete discussion of the ingredient and the process. Assure that a proper dosage is labeled to achieve desired effect.